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Sign In to SPRACI

(HTTP Digest Method)

HTTP Digest Authentication.
Click to log in. Your browser's login form will pop up. Enter your login details.
Your browser will generate a md5-based hash from the password to be matched at the server.
(This avoids needing to send the actual password over the network).


You will see a certificate warning (self signed).
Click though it (or "add temporary exception") to go the login form.
Your password will be protected by encryption

SPRACI SSL Digest Login

Digest hash + encryption

You can also log in by using your existing account on any of these services or networks:
Connect with Facebook
Sign in with Twitter
This will take you to a page to log in via the Janrain service
No longer available

The Persona service has shut down More Information here

If you have not set a password for direct login
or enabled another login method by now there isn't much we can do about it.
You will need to register a new login.