Spotify Fans First Team Shares Interpol Success Story

Spotify details how artists are utilizing the streaming platform as a tool to reward their most devoted fans through their experimental Fans First team, which gives listener's a chance to personally connect with their idols.
Guest post by Garrett Kamps from theSpotify for Artists blog. Spotify for Artists is a powerful free resource for artists and their teams to better understand and build their audiences.
Interpol and others are connecting with - and ... Read More...

How To Promote Music Using Instagram Stories

As a DIY artist, walking the line between overt promotion and an actual authentic connection with fans can be challenging task. Luckily Instagram has developed feature which make achieving this balance that much easier. Here we dive into how.
Guest post by Chelsea G. Ira‚from the TuneCore Blog
Creating awareness for your music is a delicate balance between promotion, and authentic and genuine connection. On one hand, you need to wear the marketing hat ... Read More...

5 Reasons To Release Your Music On Vinyl

While it would have been hard to believe a decade ago, vinyl is back on the charts as a medium of music consumption. In this piece we look at the pros and cons of putting your music on vinyl, and why a format that may seem cumbersome and expensive just might be worth the investment.

Guest post by Sylvia of Vinyl Price Comparison Search from‚Music Marketing Guy
This is crazy:
It was unthinkable toward the end of the N... Read More...

Spotify Stock Behavior Is Being Misread

Chris Castle of Music Technology Policy offers an alternative‚interpretation of Spotify's recent stock behavior, including how the streamer is taking a much tougher approach with labels and other rights holders.
Guest post by Chris Castle of Music Technology Policy
We live in an era of fraud in America. Not just in banking, but in government, education, religion, food, even baseball ¦ What bothers me isn t that fraud is not nice. Or that fraud is me... Read More...

How To Build An Email List From Scratch

Despite its age, email has endured as one of the most effective marketing techniques available to artists and bands. Getting started is difficult however, and growing an email list worth having takes time and effort. Here we look at how to build one from scratch.
In this latest post from MusicThinkTank,‚Silver @Atomic Disc break down how to effectively grow an email list from the ground up.
"Strike when the iron is hot! If you jump right off st... Read More...

Video Marketing In 2018: Artist's Guide

The stats on video clearly demonstrate that it's one of the best ways for artists to both engage with their audience and spread their message. Here we look at what artists need to consider in terms of originality and content in order to make their video stand out.
By Andrew Jones of‚Checkered Owl Media‚from‚Indie On The Move
"Most people have noticed that video is often the most effective way to both spread your message AND create ... Read More...

Court Reveals New Details Of Coachella's Controversial Radius Clause

d) Any tour dates in the states of California, Arizona, Washington and Oregon until
January 10, 2018 or when festival is announced, whichever is sooner
e) Casino dates in Las Vegas are approved, festivals are prohibited
*This includes record company, promoter, ticket company, artist website, social media
or internet releases
**Festival is defined as any engagement with 4 or more artists
***Themed Event is defined as a titled, sponsored or promotional show with 3 or more
artists&#...

WED. BRIEF: XXXTentacion Remembered YouTube Music Expands Russia's VK Music More

Music Business News From Around The Web
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SOCAN Reports Record Royalty Distribution, Digital Up 44%

SOCAN collected a record $352-million in total royalties in fiscal year 2017, continuing a seven-year trend. The Canadian PRO said the jump was driven by a 44%‚ increase in revenue from Internet sources and a 13%t surge in royalties from countries outside of‚ the county.
SOCAN 2017 Financial Highlights: Record total revenue " approximately $352-million in overall revenue in 2017, an 8% year-over-year increase. $49-million from Internet collections‚ - "while growing with... Read More...

What To Do If A Band's Name Is Similar To Yours

Musicians and Artists Profile: Rockin the Trademark:
*Note: This information is primarily relevant for musicians operating in the U.S. Talk with your lawyer to find out how trademark ownership works internationally. ... Read More...

Create Playlists Simultaneously on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Napster, More Free with Soundsgood

Playlist distribution and sharing app Soundgood has announced a new integration with Napster and an improved integration‚with Apple Music. The app, which enables playlist distribution and updates to multiple streamers simultaneously, is used by 19,000 influencers and music companies.‚

Along with thousands of musicians and playlisters, all three major label groups, Believe Digital, the English Soccer League, The Huffington Post, EDM Sauce and Noise Pop have used to create a... Read More...

Thought Streaming Royalties Were Bad? Radio Airplay Royalties Even Worse

$0.0000281 ¦ for the PRO (average across ASCAP/BMI/SESAC)
$0.000219 ...

Instagram To Lift 1 Minute Video Cap Later Today, YouTube Creators Lured

Instagram will launch a new video hub today and expand the 1 minute video length cap to a full 60 minutes, according to multiple sources. The announcement will be made at a press event at 9AM PT/ Noon ET today. A new longform Instagram video hub dubbed IGTV will be housed under the Explore tab, according to Techcrunch. "The videos will be full-screen, vertically oriented, and can have a resolution up to 4K. Users will be greeted with collection of Popular recent videos, and the option to Continue Wat... Read More...

Is Troy Carter Leaving Spotify? Fresh Rumors Claim Epic Move

Is Troy Carter leaving Spotify?‚ Rumor spread that Spotfiy's global head of creator services was leaving after the streamer's new 'hate and hurtful' policy banned‚‚XXXTentacion, R Kelly and others from official playlists. While concerned that the policy smacked of censorship, Carter denied the rumors. Now, they've resurfaced with a destination attached to the move.
Troy Carter will be exiting Spotify for Epic Records, the New York Post is reporting. Both Spotify and the label have de... Read More...

Botletter: Impressive Facebook Messenger Fan Communications, Marketing Tool

We provide detailed analytics for each campaign. You will know the open-rate, click-through-rate, absolute number of opens and clicks. You also have the detail per subscriber.
Name Variables
You can use name variables in your messages to personalize your campaign and drive more engagement.
Don t look at‚Botletter‚as a replacement for a email list. You should still be actively building a email list. Botletter should be seen as another marketing tool in your toolbox for communic... Read More...


Composer, remixer, mix/master engineer and occasional singer. His output since acquiring his first synthesiser in 1985 encompasses everything from minimal noise and dark ambience to happy electropop, techno-lounge and everything in between, often with tongue firmly in cheek.
CA050: Coordinate | Various Artists...

LIT-Lab PDX (Legal Innovation & Technology) - June Legal Innovation Meetup (PDX)

1120 NW Couch Street, 2nd FloorPortland , or97209us (map)
Greetings PDX Legal Hackers:

This is the first of two invitations you'll be getting for our upcoming June Meetups. That's right, plural! For the first time we'll be taking our show on the road with a June 20 session in Portland (hosted by Orrick) and a June 21 reprise in Bend at the Riverhouse Hotel (in conjunction with the Bar Board of Governors meeting).
Our presenters for both sessions will be Simon Boehme and Spencer Simonse... Read More...

PDXKBC - Portland (Mechanical) Keyboard Club

Lucky Labrador Beer Hall1945 NW QuimbyPortland , OR97209US (map)
Who: Clickers, clackers, collectors, creators, me, YOU, everybody of all ages!
What: Portland, OR Keyboard Club (PDXKBC) Meetup
When: Saturday, June 23rd, 6-9pm
Where: Lucky Lab Beer Hall (1945 NW Quimby St, Portland, OR 97209) Minors are allowed until 10PM
Why: MECHANICAL KEYBOARDS! And beer. And beers. And tasty sandwiches
How: Tri-Met Line 77 Stop...

Future Conduits

Future Conduits is a beatmaker out of Canberra, currently residing in Melbourne. His tracks kneel at the gods of electronica and offer themselves openly.
Future Conduits website
CA047B: Reuben Ingall and David Finnigan | The Bolted Report... Read More...

Want to know how Microservices is a Game-changer?

TVF&R Station 6713810 SW Farmington RdBeaverton , OR97005US (map)
Join us online for desktop or mobile at
Sean Canton shares will share his vast experience with Microservices.
Do you want to learn and share your passion in a supportive community? Knowledge Mavens is an ethos of sharing, creativity, and inspiration.
Our Meetup provides an opportunity to "Show and Tell" followed by a feedback and Q&A. You'll have the opportunity to share with our chann... Read More...